• Model: SB-5544BNC
    UPC: 4718091554413

The SB-5544BNC is a true matrix routing switcher for AV (Composite & Stereo Audio) signals with full support of NTSC or PAL Composite Video & Stereo Audio TV systems. It has (4) individual Composite Video (BNC connectors) and Stereo Audio inputs with (4) individual Composite Video (BNC connectors) and Stereo Audio outputs (audio output with volume control and AR/AL balance). Because it is a matrix router, any input may be routed to any output; or the same input may be routed to all outputs or any combination. It completely eliminates the need to constantly move around video audio input and output cables. The switcher is useful for matrix signals from composite video and stereo audio source devices (such as: VCRs, Camcorders, Video Game Consoles, Video CDs, DVDs, Satellite Receivers, CAT5 Set Top Boxes, etc.) to composite video/audio destination devices (such as: LCD TV, HDTV, Plasma displays, Projectors, etc.). Selection of inputs is made via front panel push buttons or an infrared remote control or RS-232 control by a computer. A RS-232 Windows GUI interface is provided for matrix routing control (Windows only).


  • (4) Inputs to (4) Outputs A/V (Composite Video & Stereo Audio) Matrix Switcher
  • Input/Output signals for Composite Video (BNC) & Stereo Audio (AR/AL)
  • Higher video bandwidth 450MB each signal path
  • Front panel buttons for channel selection
  • Composite Video supports NTSC or PAL TV systems, via BNC connectors
  • Supports Volume control (+/- 100 level) and Balance +51~+100-AR / +0~+50-AL
  • Compatible with all composite video devices, Plasma TV displays and HDTVs
  • Various User Interface Control:
    • Window based GUI control software for interface control driver
    • Front panel button for manual control
    • IR remote control or external IR to control the switcher
  • Supports (7) world wide control function keys: Full function front panel controls: ALL / OFF / VOL-BAL / LOCK / RECALL / MEMORY / ENTER
  • Supports desktop with ear mount and 19 inch 1U rack mountable type panel
  • Power supply DC12Volt, Universal Type Switch 100~240VAC, 50/60Hz CE, FCC, RoHS, REACH


  • Type of AV Switcher: (4) In to (4) Out, A/V (Composite Video-Audio) Matrix Switcher
  • Video Support: Video: Composite Video 0.5~1.0Vp-p/75Ohms, (1) BNC connector
  • Audio Support: Stereo Audio (AR/AL), via (2) RCA connectors (Color Red/White)
  • Video Bandwidth: 4450MHz (-3dB), 200mVp-p, Higher resolution formats
  • Inputs:
    • Video: (4) Video (Composite Video) using BNC connectors
    • Audio: (4) Audio (Stereo audio) using RCA connectors
  • Outputs:
    • Video: (4) Video (Composite Video) using BNC connectors
    • Audio: (4) Audio (Stereo audio) using RCA connectors
  • Audio Volume Control: Volume Level +0~+100 (+6dB)
  • Audio Balance Control: Balance AR +51~100, AL 0~+50
  • Low All Hostile Crosstalk: -83dB@5MHz
  • Gain Control: 60MHz 0.1dB gain flatness
  • Switch Controls:
    • Select & Function buttons on front panel (Data status via LCM panel show out)
    • IR Remote Control (switch control)
    • IR External port (switch control via 3.5mm OD Jack)
    • RS-232 series interface (switch control)
  • Source Status: Input status LEDs indicates presence of a live signal
  • (15) Function Control Keys: 1. ALL, 2. OFF, 3. RECALL, 4. ENTER, 5. MEMORY, 6. LOCK, 7. VOL/BAL, 8. Destination button 1 thru 4, 9. Source button 1 thru 4
  • Infrared Frequency: 38KHz
  • IR External Distance: SB-100 IR receiver distnace up to ~984 ft/300M maximum
  • AV I/O Connector: Video: BNC / Audio: RCA connector
  • Dimensions (WxDxH): 17.25 x 8 x 1.75 in
  • Rack Mount: 1RU High 19 in rack mount #1U-440L (with rack mount)
  • Weight: 5.1 lb (Unit only) / 7.5 lb (Net)
  • Safety Approvals: CE, FCC, RoHS, REACH
  • Power Supply: DC12V / 1.25A (consumption 1250mA), Use Universal Type 50/60Hz, 100~240VAC


  • SB-5544BNC Matrix Switcher
  • RS-232 V2.0 Protocol Instructions
  • Master wireless IR remote control (SW-5544BNC)
  • 19 inch ear mount bracket (Part # 1U-440L)
  • SB-100 IR Extender Receiver Set
  • CD Contents: Manual, Windows GUI, ISP V1.0 Windows driver
  • RS-232 Cable 6ft (2M)
  • Power Supply Input: DC12V, 1.25A, (Worldwide Universal 100~240 VAC, AC 50/60Hz)
  • Optional: SB-100C IR Extender Receiver Cable (6.5ft (2M))
  • Users Guide