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<b><font color="red">B-STOCK</font></b> 8x8 HDTV Component Video Digital/Stereo Audio Matrix Routing Switcher w/ CAT5 Output

B-STOCK All sales final. No refunds. No returns. There is no longer stock of any comptabile…

Model: SB-5588CT
4x2 250MHz Component Routing Switcher w/ IR

The SB-5460 for Component Video (YPbPr) / Stereo Audio is a full routing switcher with an IR remote control. With…

Model: SB-5460
4x2 Component Video HDTV Matrix Routing Switcher w/ IR - Metal Chassis

The SB-5470M is a 4x2 Matrix Switcher that switches (4) Inputs Component (YPbPr), and Left and Right Analog Audio with…

Model: SB-5470M
4x2 Component Video/Stereo Audio HDTV Matrix Routing Switcher w/ IR

The SB-5470 is a 4x2 matrix switcher that switches (4) Component (YPbPr)/Analog Audio Inputs to (2) Component (YPbPr)/Analog Audio Outputs…

Model: SB-5470
8x8 Component HDTV Video Matrix Routing Switcher - No Audio

The SB-8802LCM is a true matrix routing switcher for Component Video YPBPR signals. Supports Higher Full HD resolutions 480p, 720p…

Model: SB-8802LCM
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