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2x1 HDMI PiP/PoP Selector Scaler Switch

The SB-3691 is the professional 2x1 HDMI PiP PoP Selector Scaler Switch in 1080p. Supporting (2) HDMI Inputs and (1)…

Model: SB-3691
7x2 (mirrored) Multi Format HDMI Video Selector Scaler Switch - 7 In\'s Converted to VGA & HDMI Output

Model: SB-3879
This product has been discontinued.

Inquire about an alternative model here The SB-3879 is a…

8x2 (mirrored) HDMI & VGA Quad-PiP-PoP Selector Switch

The SB-3693 is a professional 8x2 HDMI/VGA Quad-PiP-PoP Selector Switch Scaler. Supporting (4) HDMI and (4) VGA/Audio inputs and (1)…

Model: SB-3693
9x2 Multi Format Seamless Scaler Matrix Routing Switcher w/ Opt. 2nd Modular Output Slot

The SB-3888 is a professional 9x2 MultiVideo to HDMI-VGA -Video Matrix-PiP-PoP Selector Switch Scaler. Supporting (9) input sources (1) Composite…

Model: SB-3888
HDMI Audio Extractor/ARC/SPDIF/Analog Stereo Control Box

The SB-5610 is a high quality HDMI ARC Control Box with HDMI Audio Extractor supporting ARC, a SPDIF DVD Source…

Model: SB-5610
VGA w/ Audio to HDMI Converter

The SB-6357 is a high performance digital video converter supporting (1) VGA and Stereo Audio Input and (1) HDMI output.…

Model: SB-6357
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